Principal Dr. Ujwal Lanjewar

The college enjoys the status of being a premier women's institutions in Central Nagpur since 61 years. We at Smt Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya design, implement and monitor quality sustenance mechanisms to meet the changing needs of higher education. The enhanced grade given by NAAC has certified that our efforts are towards the right goal. The three years that students spend with us are planned by us to bestow them with life skills, academic enrichment and job oriented counselling.

We endeavour to make the students not only qualified for the competition ahead but also develop in them a sense of belonging to their motherland first and then Mother Earth as next and make them conscious about the grave dangers and challenges that the future generation has to tackle with to keep our motherland safe from vested interests inside and outside the country and this planet secure from environmental hazards. Our every activity is planned with the objective of making our students noble citizens of India and this Globe as a whole. The different faculty members assigned with the task of defining this vision are doing their duties to the best of their abilities and the students are also responding to their call for duty well. We at Binzani believe that our institution blooms in different hues with its current students, it flowers with the support of its illustrious alumni and is nurtured by the efficient administrators and staff members.