IQAC Quality Initiatives

SR.No. Title Description pdf
1 Revision of IQAC's Cells & Criterion Committees Newly-introduced Academic Cell, Nutritional Counselling Cell in addition to Cri. 1 to 7 Committees
2 Revised formats for documentation at various levels a. Teaching Plan b. Format - Reports of various activities c. Format - Minutes Departmental Meeting d. Format - Annual Report of Cells/Criterion Committee e. Format - Annual Personal Report by Faculty Members f. Format - Daily Diary
3 Connecting the dots from Planning -Execution -Documentation Through – 1. Guidelines for Planning-Execution and Documentation of various academic and other curricular activities 2. Being consistent in ensuring the practice of these guidelines in day-to-day work
4 Enhanced Teaching-Learning Experience 1. Classroom activities have been increased 2. Frequent use of ICT Resources in Teaching-Learning 3. MOODLE and Google Classroom are now used as LMS 4. ICT activity named MadhyamShiksha 5. Faculty Members develop Video Content 6. Effective use of Online Techniques for Teaching-Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic
5 Timely revision in CIE Evaluation before and during COVID times Revision in CIE in 2019-20 and New Guidelines in COVID Times
6 Value Addition -Certificate Courses Certificate Courses in – • Behavioural Neuroscience • Digital Marketing • School & Career Counselling • Fashion Designing • Conversational Skills • Certificate Course in MS-Office • Kitchen Garden • Research Methodology • Counselling • Use of Sanskrit Constructs in Computers
7 Strategic Collaborations to different Stakeholders and Community More number of Collaborations and Linkages to other Institutes, Training Institutes, NGO’s, Alumni Association, Parents, and Community at large.
8 Instrumental in getting Alumni Association Registered and active participation • Donation in Kind for Rs. 424118/- till Dec. 2022 • Collaborative Activities - Mile Sur Mera Tumhara-Musical Program, UDYOGINI Consumer Exhibition, Renovation of Computer Lab • Resources sharing by various Alumnus
9 Structured guidelines and systems
10 Institutionalizing Research Promotion through monetary support ANUSANDHAN-Intra-Institutional Research Grant Scheme (Fund of Rs. 25000/- per Session)